Conor McGregor Caricature

I have been working on this Caricature of The Notorious Conor McGregor for about a week now. Its my first foray into celebrity or notable people in a few years. I am very proud of the results and glad I took plenty of time to render it out.

I am also a huge fan of McGregors and it was great fun to paint my first celebrity caricature in years of him. I think he is a fancinating fellow and would love to meet for a drink some day.

I tried to over paint it in photoshop in an oil style but it wasn’t connecting with me so I settled for black and white.

The only thing I copied is the tattoo of the baboon , for it being so complex. I also would like to thank my friends Thomas O’Brien for his advice on the likeness for McGregor and my friend Norrie Kivlehan an up and coming caricaturist in Ireland.

mcgregorcaricature edit 2 with copyright and signature

Trump Caricature by Jack Allen Art


I have been wanting to caricature Mr. Trump for ages now and with all the talk on the media it was inevitable. Big thank you to all my US friends who gave me advice on this and the real inside scoop on what its like having Mr. Trump in your country.

I made this in Photoshop CC using my Wacom Cintiq 13HD which was really the best tool to try and get the likeness just right. It helps to have so much room on the screen. I decided to make his lips and mouth tiny to match his hand but instill that bullfrog like aspect of his jowls.

Initially sketched with blue color and then inked over and then colored over in a oil texture kind of way. I’m going to put this up on a few sites to sell as a product. Ill include links there.

Please do not use without permission or consent or edit this piece in any way, for if you do you are an art thief and will be treated as such.


Drawing at the Co Club Oldcastle 

I love going to culture, music and  arts events in local community. One of the best is The Co Club on every last Friday of the month in Creans Oldcastle.  

I had a show there myself a year and half ago. But tonight we were treated to some great acts ans I was able to o sketch artists from #pinethepilcrow who had a brilliant style of classic music. 

Day 7 Style Challenge


Day 7 Style Challenge of a self portrait of me in the Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon. I decided to do this one in photoshop because my copic markers were wasting out on me and to only draw one portrait today as Im running out of cartoons to draw myself into. Suggestion for this come from a friend of mine Ann-Marie who is a huge fan of the show. I am too to be honest.

Style Challenge Week

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Style Challenge featuring self portraits of me in 4 cartoons everyday.  It’s so good to do a challenge again. 

Day 3 Style Challenge 

​Day 3 Style Challenge starring myself in #heyarnold, #pokemon, #archer and #ededdneddy thanks for the suggestions guys! Keep them coming!

Day 2 of Style Challenge 

Day 2 for my Style Challenge featuring self portraits of me in #bobsburgers, #familyguy, #kingofthehill and #daria. Have any suggestions for me to try for tomorrow? 

August Style Challenge 

Drawing self portraits in famous cartoon styles. #rickandmorty #simpsons #adventuretime #jackallenart #bobsburgers 

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