Conor McGregor Caricature

I have been working on this Caricature of The Notorious Conor McGregor for about a week now. Its my first foray into celebrity or notable people in a few years. I am very proud of the results and glad I took plenty of time to render it out.

I am also a huge fan of McGregors and it was great fun to paint my first celebrity caricature in years of him. I think he is a fancinating fellow and would love to meet for a drink some day.

I tried to over paint it in photoshop in an oil style but it wasn’t connecting with me so I settled for black and white.

The only thing I copied is the tattoo of the baboon , for it being so complex. I also would like to thank my friends Thomas O’Brien for his advice on the likeness for McGregor and my friend Norrie Kivlehan an up and coming caricaturist in Ireland.

mcgregorcaricature edit 2 with copyright and signature

Published by Jack Allen

Artist and cycling enthusiast. I want to be cycling the world and making art of my adventures. Sharing and educating along the way.

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