Welcome to collection of my most recent caricatures. I have been caricaturing since 2009 on and off, drawing in some of the best cities in the world, including Dublin, New York, Paris, Seoul, Dubai and more!

bobby keneedy 2018
50th Anniversary of the Death of Robert F. Kennedy.
Caricature of a friend using the ipad pro and procreate.

Jerry_Garcia_Caricature_2018Eamon_Dunphy_Caricature_2018Batman Caricature MaskMalcolm_Lowry_Caricature_HunterSThompson_ArtworkMari&Brendan_Caricature_2018Untitled_ArtworkBarry_Chuckle_2018joshandkelshiacaricatureCondyandErica_Wedding_Caricature_2018Mairead Commission A4


3 thoughts on “Caricatures

  1. Hi there Jack..just wondering roughly how much it would cost to get a wedding caricature , for a guest signing board..probably addition of a little dog and toddler..funny style I think, maybe black and white or colour, not sure..

    1. Hi Catriona,

      That’s a great idea. I have some samples of signing board caricatures I’ve made recently on my Facebook and Instagram @jackallencaricatures
      My price for black and white is 115 and for color 190 for a wedding caricature signing board.

      1. Does that include delivery Jack, and is the picture part covered in any way, to stop it getting scribbled too much on, if you know what I mean?regards Cathriona

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