Commission Me

Hi, if you would like to commission me here is some info:

As a Caricaturist you can hire me for private caricature portraits, weddings, parties, events, celebrations, birthdays, promotional offers and product launches.

My hourly rate is €100 for:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Events
  • Birthdays

My hourly rate is €100 for:

  • Promotional offers ( products, services etc,)
  • Product launches

My Private Commission rate is : 

(Without Color Commissions)

  • One person caricature portrait traditional is €50/ digital is €70
  • Two persons caricature portrait tradtional € 80 +extra persons €30/ digital +€20
  • One person caricature full digital color is €100
  • Group caricature portraits with up to 10 people or more are €300+

(With Color Commissions)

If you meet me at a public event dont be afraid to come over for a one of a kind caricature.

My prices will be:

Black and White €10

With color markers +€5

Two persons €20

For more info dont be afraid to contact me:

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