Space Badge

Continuing my Illustrator Adobe CC lessons and made this Space Observatory Badge. Inspired from reading Chris Hadfields biography and learning from


Adobe Illustrator Training

Illustrator always looked daunting. Even after using Adobe Photosop for almost a decade. It just scared me. But after working for Sephora and Choppershoot Productions in Dubai as a lead concept, storyboard and asset creator I realized I needed something cleaner and PS couldnt get me the results that AI would get me. So Im training myself in it and Im so happy with the results. I takes time but the effort time on understanding has helped me in so many other ways too.

Final Fantasy 14 Online Character

I made a drawing of my friends Final Fantasy 14 Online Character today to practice a new line technique using my Wacom Cintiq 13HD. It was a nice exercise were I flipped the canvas to make sure her porportions were correct. jasonkat1

Sephora Launch Video

Past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working on Sephora’s new launch campaign with my brother. I was storyboard artist and content designer for this video. Im so proud of how it turned out. Here are some concepts from early to late in the project.

boardssephora PART 1Frame 1 and 2 VectorsSephora_Boards_Draft4Woman Profile Master 1

Beard Study


Decided its about time I start updating my site a bit more. I wanted to study values with portrait practice using bearded men as the subject. I think by the fourth the lower right sketch I have warmed up a good amount. A good study.

One Year of Blender

One year of learning blender exclusively has given me some great results and some wonderful fun has been had . So here are my recent projects based on tutorials I have watched and learned from.


final render tie fighter2

Barcelona Chair3

airplane render3

airplane render1

airplane render2






I’ve been teaching myself Blender now for almost 3months and have been really making great break throughs with the software and being able to create stuff with out using tutorials for help. Here is a low poly planet I made that features two orbital rings. I might put this into a game.

New Art

Lots of new art been made since my last update. Here are some recaps if you have missed the uploads on Deviantart or my Facebook page.

We have some Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Starlord and Groot I made during the Inktober challenge last month. Powergirl illustration inspired by and approved by the amazing Vegas PG cosplayer, actress and model. A revisitation and do over of an old character I made with a friend way back in 2011 called Miss Battery now called Radiant and finally my new Game Design Business cards.


Inspired from Guardians of the Galaxy
Inspired from Guardians of the Galaxy

powergirl copy

comparison radiant 2014-2011

game design card

PowerGirl Illustration

Made over a few days, inspired by Vegas PG’s amazing cosplays and photographs.

powergirl copy

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