Spacemarine Warrior

Rough line concepts for player character for a demoreel game.


Hyper Pothole Concept

Hyper Pothole Concept

Hyper Pothole Concept developed by my two kid cousins and myself on the art department. Really cool idea and totally original for an endless runner. Hopefully more updates on this concept in the future.

Game Design Documents

Working on a new Game Design Document or GDD for my new game. Even if I have an idea but not the time to work on the game I try to find the time to write a GDD just incase I do discover some free time and I have all the particulars for creating the game in the future. Its a handy skill to have to be able to write one of these. I first discovered them when I attended Digital Skills Academy in the Game Content course on making our first games and I struggled with the templated versions. 

If your finding it tough trying to fill all the sections of these large laborious templates just write your own version and work with that. As long as you know what it is and can communicate with your team if you have one what the overall vision for the game is then its good. 

GDD are like writing your own tutorial for the game and following the instructions. Before you know you it will be saying, ” Here’s one I prepared earlier!” Then start working on concept art or if your not an artist ask a friend to provide some early sketches and ask people to read and give feed back on the GDD because its like a script and if you can make it more legible and make the game more fun here then its less work for you later on if you realize your game is dull and struggle to make it more fun. 

Its a sure way of communicating with potential investors also and to show you can keep track of any updates that they require because its all in the GDD what your intentions are. But also remember the GDD will change over time as the game changes for whatever reason during the development. Thats about all I can say for now on these handy tips.



SuperGirl warmup illustration. Practicing my inks and reference from eye in CS6 photoshop.
Reference from jagged eye and model

To End All Wars Anthology Comic

Yep, thats right, To End All Wars Anthology is a group effort to create a comicbook by many artists, writers and letterers across the world to make something lasting and special in our memory for modern audiences and to show the horrors of war and the waste of so many lives by war. I got my script in today and will be working on it right away. To be published in July next year to mark the centenary of The Great War.


Working to Hard.

Working to Hard.

I feel like I’m working very hard, But thats okay. Make a comic of it and get back to work.

The Zip

The Zip

Comparison between the same superhero Zipperman, a graphic novel I have been working on since 2010.

Masters of the Unniverse

Masters of the Unniverse

Gift for a friend of mine as if she was one of the Masters of the Universe , based upon a trippy dream I had 4 years ago. I give you Empress Bono.

Runaway Go

Sketching runaway GO at the Cafe Sessions to night, as they played some really awesome music for us. I’ll upload the sketches tomorrow here, and show them off from their page also. Thanks for the great gig guys.Image

Misty Everthoughts

A possible album cover for an imaginary band from back before 2009 I worked on.


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